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Mar 10 2015

Want: Life-Sized Hulk Buster For Sale

If you’re still in need of that one piece to top off your Avenger’s collection or if you just hit the tax return jackpot and need a way to keep those awful relatives of yours off the lawn then do I have a deal for you.   Beast Kingdom Toys is selling a life-size version …

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Sep 03 2014

Scented Duck Tape: For the Discerning Kidnapper

If you haven’t seen it yet Duck Tape now comes in different smells. Yes Duck Tape, read the pictures. For a few years now you’ve been able to buy tape of varying colors, patterns, and qualities but it has all had the same neutral smell. Until now when you can get it in 6 different …

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Jul 21 2014

That’s Gross: Ring Covered in Human Skin Leather

Late Warning: This one is gross. Like human skin on a piece of jewelry gross. Artist and crazy person Sruli Recht, who you may remember that we featured before, created this ring a while back that he covered in his own skin. If you’re wondering, no, that’s not a surgery that your average health insurance …

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Jun 27 2014

Not Sure About This: Star Wars Yoga

If you’re in to yoga or exercise in general than that’s great. I give you permission to lord it over the rest of us like running that 5k makes you the coolest person in not just your 8th grade, but all of the 8th grades. If you’re in to yoga and Star Wars then you …

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Jun 24 2014

Moderately Useful: Multitool Belt Buckle

How do you keep your pants up? If you’re like me then the real question if how do you ever get your pants up? Keeping them up has never really been an issue. But I wear a belt anyhow, really makes those cut-offs look more professional.  I don’t, however, wear a belt with a fancy …

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Jun 24 2014

Want: Blade Runner Blaster Replica

If you’ve ever watched and enjoyed Blade Runner will you please take a moment and explain it to me. I’ve watched it several times because I constantly am hearing people talking about how good it is and I just don’t get it. That movie just confuses the hell out of me. Never-the-less I can still …

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Jun 20 2014

First Moon Party: The Only Good Thing about Periods

Watching my wife battle her monthly visitor makes me really glad I’m not a lady. I’d be even more glad if I didn’t have to hear about it every month but you really just can’t win them all. Random Fact: Camping was invented for men to escape from menstruating women. The ad shows a girl …

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Jun 18 2014

Want: Retro-Styled Cthulhu action Figures

  Indie toy maker Warpo recently started a Kickstarter campaign to fund the making of their Legends of Cthulhu Retro Action Figure Toy Line. If you’re wondering, yes, you are allowed to keep them in the package for the rest of your life until your kids break into your stash one day and you come …

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Jun 13 2014

Want: Burger with 17 Kinds of Beef

“I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is more cow…” Quick, what’s on a Big Mac? That’s what I thought. No one can answer that question anymore. Go ask your mothers to tell you what’s on a Big Mac. I guarantee they’ll know. They’ll probably even sing you the answer. This isn’t a Big …

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Jun 11 2014

Some Kind of Witchcraft: Clear Rice Cake Looks like a Water Droplet

Are you seeing this teeny-tiny plate with some brown sugar, molasses, and a drop of water? Yeah? Me neither. That is a full-sized plate with a meal-sized rice cake and sides. Your next question should be something along the lines of, “What is it?” and, “Why is it clear?” To answer those questions you’re going …

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