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Sep 18 2013

Who Knew? The Geometry of Pasta

Before you leave in fear, I promise this post will contain no actual math, Caz Hildebrand and Jacob Kenedy has bestowed on the world a new book on pasta. They call in The Geometry of Pasta and it’s for sale now on Amazon. The book’s aim is to direct you to the correct choices in …

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Sep 13 2013

Kentucky Ryed Chiquen Beer

Journey with me in your mind to Kentucky. “I guess we’re not in Kansas anymore.” How about you don’t talk while were here? And don’t step in that. Now that we’re in Kentucky think about the perfect place to go get some lunch. Don’t speak, just think about it. Good you’re thinking about KFC, if …

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Sep 11 2013

I’d Totally Wear That: Skyrim Replica Armor and Weapons

Here’s one for all you Cosplayer and LARPers out there. Folkenstal has created a group of replica Skyrim armor and weapons for you. I know a lot of you take pride in making your own stuff but you know what? Theirs is better. Be careful when you start shopping for this stuff too. You can …

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Sep 06 2013

Lawsuit Pending: Facebook Flavored Ice Cream

Next time you’re traveling through Tinso on Croatia’s Murter island you should stop at Valentino Ice Cream Shop and get a scoop of Facebook ice cream. The shop owners, Admir and Ibi Adil, who are bothers, noticed that Amir’s 15-year-old daughter spent an inordinate amount of time on Facebook. Like any good South-Central European father …

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Sep 05 2013

It’s Here: Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch

how long have you been waiting for the Smart Watch? I just barely started wearing a watch in the past few years to until then I couldn’t have cared less. But now that Samsung is releasing their Galaxy Gear Smart Watch, I want one. First reviews are mixed, but since it’s a whole new product …

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Sep 04 2013

Forget Passwords, Use Your Heartbeat

When logging in to my computer today I was asked to change my password. Changing and remembering passwords has to be one of the most annoying first world problems that we have to deal with on a 60-180 day basis. Why can’t I just set a password that’s secure but that I can remember and …

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Sep 03 2013

Want: Bacon Flavored Pop Rocks

Poll of the day: When you come home from your night working the grave shift do you go straight to bed or do you wander into the kitchen to make yourself some food? If you make food, how often do you make bacon? Do you bake your bacon? I’ve started cooking mine in the waffle …

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Sep 03 2013

Good to Know: Geek Sword Series

Every geek and any children they might produce should know a couple of things about the universe. They should know that the answer is 42. Dr. Who is the question. Superman is the greatest super hero there is. And they should know who wields the weapons on the poster above. In case you’re not sure …

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