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Available in the Used Meat Department: Tauntaun Butcher Chart

When you’re stuck on the ice planet Hoth and you have to survive a frozen night outside of the base what do you do? Obviously you slice open your recently deceased tauntaun and climb inside. What about if you’re just craving a nice steak and the last of the space cows escaped from the corral? …

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New Record: World Largest LEGO Tower is 114 Feet Tall

Going on about 9 months ago now we got word there was a new leaders in the world of tallest LEGO towers. Well, their reign has officially ended. That is to say, there’s a new leader in the field of world’s tallest LEGO tower. Construction of the 114-foot (36-metre) Lego tower began on Wednesday with …

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Happy Geek Pride Day

Hope you’re all having a great Geek Pride Day. I want to hear how you’re celebrating. Are you having lightsaber fights? A video game tournament? Cosplaying? Did you remember your towel? Have a great one.

Want to Be in Star Wars? $10

If you’re as excited for Star Wars Episode VII as some of my coworkers, you’re a crazy person, and you’ll ft right in here. Unfortunately even though you might be the biggest fan in town of the futuristic movie that takes place in the past you’re probably not going to ever get a chance to …

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Want: Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Ramen Noodle Bread

You’ll recall the several times ramen noodles have made an appearance on sandwiches lately, but I think this is my new favorite. It’s a ramen noodle grilled cheese. Thanks to Nick from Dude Foods we now have this wonder to add to the menu. First, he cooked a block of ramen noodles according to the …

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Hypotheticals: If Famous Cats Existed as 8-Bit Video Games

You you recognize the cat above? “That’s a cat?” Yes, that’s a cat. In fact it’s your favorite cat named Sylvester. This is Sylvester as he might have looked in an 8-bit video game in the 80’s. He’s not the only one that got this treatment though. An artist has created a whole set of …

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Gross: Restoring Health BioShock Infinite Style

If you’re feeling ill or weak, nothing restores you quite like a hearty meal. That system is similar when it comes to video games like BioShock Infinite. You can bring your health back after a fight by devouring whatever food you can find, but in real life BioShock’s heath system would be disgusting. The folks …

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Bring it On: Brienne of Tarth vs. Dinosaurs

Picture what would happen is everyone’s favorite Maiden of Tarth fell in a sinkhole and ended up in the Land of the Lost. How do you think she would fare? I think she would fare fair. Yep, went there. As it turns out I’m not alone in thinking that. Brienne of Tarth is an impressive …

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Where have You been all My Life: Deep-Fried Doritos-Crusted Bacon

Lately I’ve been trying to come up with foods that can be labeled as “geek food.” This one applies. This, as the title implies, is deep-fried Doritos-crusted bacon. Yes it’s like a dream come true. After making both Doritos-crusted chicken strips and a deep-fried, Doritos-breaded burger, Nick from Dude Foods was running out of things …

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No Surprises Here: Drift Compatible Disney Companionships

How would the movie Pacific Rim have been different if the Jaeger pilots were Disney characters? The answers may not surprise you. For the most part exactly the couples you would expect to be drift compatible are. Jasmine and Aladdin, Ariel and Eric, Kida and Milo, etc. The one difference is that it turns out …

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