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Jun 30 2014

12 Miles in Borrowed Shoes

I thought I’d do something new today on Uncanny Flats. I’m going to tell you a bit about what’s going on right now so you can know what to expect going forward. As you know I’ve been writing Uncanny Flats for a while now and I plan to continue writing for just as long as …

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Nov 21 2013

Geek Think: Self Healing Batteries are Coming

Just yesterday I was discussing with a colleague about the problems that exist in device design and manufacturing today. Sounds like more of an interesting conversation than it actually was. You see the problem we were discussing is built-in batteries and how they are becoming very common and how that’s an awful trend. Take your …

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Oct 01 2013

Geek Think: Government Shutdown

Let me start with this, I don’t claim to know everything about this Government Shutdown that is hitting the US today. In fact, I don’t claim to know more than the smallest portion of what’s going on. I don’t get a lot of actual news. I’m also not here to tell you who is to …

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Jun 11 2013

Geek Think: The Airing Of Grievances

My thought today in on the airing of grievances. I had to look this one up to make sure I really had the the phrase definition right in my mind and it turns out yes, yes I do. air one’s grievances Fig. to complain; to make a public complaint. I’m not here to bother you …

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May 16 2013

Geek Think: Whatever Happens Happens

We’ve all heard the phrase before. Whatever happens happens. My first gut reaction is to say, well, duh.¬†However, we’re gonna get stuck in some deep thought, circular logic, and brain busting fun as we see how this very phrase may spell doom for the universe as we know it. Buckle up your brain, because it’s …

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May 11 2013

Geek Think: The Great Bores.

Welcome to Geek Think This is going to be a semi-regular part of Uncanny Flats where we’ll tell a story or give our opinion of something. We won’t usually be basing these articles on other articles, which were probably based on other articles anyway. So you’re gonna get an insight into our minds here, bring …

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