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Happy New Year 2014

New Years Resolution: Fit into One of These Starwars Swimsuits

Today is New Year’s Eve. You know what that means, contemplating suicide your New Year’s resolutions. Like most people I’ve resolved every year since I was 12 to lose weight. So far I’ve only managed it twice. And once was due to a food poisoning on Christmas. For those of you that need something to …

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Happy Thanksgiving 2013

Happy Thanksgiving everybody. That includes all of you outside of America. You can just go right ahead and have a happy Thanksgiving as well. For your entertainment I’ve scoured the Internet and found a bunch of people failing at cooking turkey. Be safe out there people, follow the instructions on your fryer, and smoker, and …

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Something New For Thanksgiving: Ice Cream

I don’t know how it is in other countries but in the US it’s impossible to get time off work or school for some reason. So a lot of us are forced to do things like get our wisdom teeth pulled out of our face over holiday breaks. A few years ago one of my …

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