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Jun 23 2014

Impressive: Cardboard Godzilla

Artist Kai-Xiang Xhong has created a niche for himself in the world of cardboard sculpture. This time around he has created a Cardboard Godzilla. The creation is pretty impressive, but I don’t think it would do well in the ocean. Being that it’s only about knee-high you probably don’t have to worry much about the …

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Jun 18 2014

I Want a Ride: 1000 mph Rocket Car

This is the Bloodhound Supersonic Car and it’s set to take over the world land-speed record next year by shooting itself at 1000 miles per hour across the South African plain. For the record that’s faster than your car would reach even if you drove it off a cliff. If the Bloodhound, which started life …

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Jun 17 2014

Impressed: A Man and His Swords, and Things

This is swordsmith and armorer Michael the Elder God with one of his many swords. He’s kind of like that Tony Swatton guy in the sense that I idolize him for his manliness. In his own words he makes “swords and things.” So I just want you to take a moment and bask in the …

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Jun 13 2014

Want: Burger with 17 Kinds of Beef

“I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is more cow…” Quick, what’s on a Big Mac? That’s what I thought. No one can answer that question anymore. Go ask your mothers to tell you what’s on a Big Mac. I guarantee they’ll know. They’ll probably even sing you the answer. This isn’t a Big …

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Jun 09 2014

Impressive: LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer

Supreme LEGO-master of the universe Jerac from Łódź, Poland came up with the idea to build the biggest, most accurate LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer ever. Last November he began his plan and on June 1st, 2014 he finished the masterpiece. I have to say, I’m all sorts of impressed. More than 40,000 bricks. 110 pounds …

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Jun 04 2014

This Watermelon Bites Back: Beautiful Alligator Carved from Watermelon

  Who are these people and why do they get all the talent where it comes to fruit and vegetable carving? I can’t even carve a decent pumpkin without one of those stupid patterns that never turn out how I hope. I think it’s probably a patience thing. I don’t have the patience to wait …

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Jun 03 2014

Didn’t Even Flop: Fan Hits Soccer Player with Paper Airplane from Upper Bowl

Sometimes during a soccer game fans can get restless. Don’t argue with me, it’s been known to happen. Like good little boys and girls these fans try to find something to do to entertain themselves. Some of them drink, some heckle players, some riot, and some throw paper airplanes from the upper bowl that fly …

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May 29 2014

Need for Speed Street Luge: Luger is Shooting for 300 mph

Australian street luger Daz Fellows is working on breaking the world record for speed on the street luge. the current record stand at 115.8 mph set by Englishman Jason Bradbury, Fellows plans to more than double that by going 300 mph on a jet=powered luge of his own creation. “Well it’ll be hard to get …

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May 13 2014

Are Walls Terrain? Mountain Bike Goes Horizontal

Look at the image above and think back to the last time you fond yourself in a similar situation. How did it turn out? I’m guessing it ended with road rash, a mouth full or dirt and perhaps even a trip to the hospital. That’s how it would have ended for me at least. Well, …

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Apr 24 2014

Color me Impressed: Star Wars art Made from Staples

Because uniqueness in art is getting to be rare artists are turning to a uniqueness in media. For example, artist James Haggerty uses staples. Tens of thousands of staples. The results? A heck of a lot better than I would have the patience to do. I get frustrated when the staple bends when I try …

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