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Jun 19 2014

I’m Alive: Would you Survive the Game of Thrones

If you’ve been watching or reading the Game of Thrones series you know that the only way to assure that you’ll survive is to make sure you aren’t ever featured in the story anywhere. It’s best to hole up in your cave as far away from any other people as possible. And certainly don’t complain …

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Jun 10 2014

Never Go Outside Again: Lightning Destroying a Tree

As we all well know going outside is rarely a good idea and is an activity best left to professionals. Here’s a good example of why that is. Here’s some surveillance camera footage from theĀ  Saratoga Performing Arts Center in Saratoga Springs, NY. As you can see the tree in the background is struck by …

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May 16 2014

All the Spiderman: Every Costume Spidey has Ever Worn

As you’re all aware, superheros are wont to change their costumes every now and then. Usually it comes with a new arc in their story. Sometimes the new costume may accommodate new features. Other times, especially with skin-tight spandex like Spiderman wears, I’m sure there are skid-mark and nut-sweat-stain issues that are hard to deal …

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May 12 2014

Seeing the Future: Sci-Fi that Became Real

I don’t know about you but I haven’t read a lot f Sci-Fi. Some I have read and I enjoy a good Sci-Fi movie as much as the next guy but it’s down on the list of reading materials some what. Apparently that’s a problem as I’m missing out on ideas for future inventions. Knowing …

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May 02 2014

Show your Work: How Accurate are Stormtroopers

Presumably to help prepare for Star Wars day on Sunday, redditor simthembile decided that the world needed to know just how accurate of a shot Stormtroopers from the original trilogy of Star Wars were. The answer is as you might expect, not very. They counted up every blaster shot in each of the films and …

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Mar 18 2014

Informative: Historical Timeline of Pizza Chains

Who knew that Domino’s has been around since 1960 and that Famous Original Rays has been famous and original since 1964. I always kind of figured all these pizza chains had been around since the beginning of time. They started in Italy of course and them moved to the states where people enjoy a good …

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Jan 31 2014

Let it Snow: How Much Snow Does it take to Cancel School

Redditor atrubetskoy created this map to help demonstrate how much snow is required before school gets cancelled in different parts of the country. I found this to be very disheartening. Look how much of it is green. That means any snow and school is cancelled. How sad is that? I have gone to school with …

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Jan 28 2014

Knight to Queen’s Bishop 6: How the Knight will Win your Next Chess Game

For any of you that play chess you know the frustration that comes from playing chess. I learned quickly to choose not to play against any one that I didn’t think I could beat. And then when they beat me anyhow I decided not to play at all. But now that I’ve seen this video …

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Dec 30 2013

How Much Did Your Parents Really Love You: Game Consoles Adjusted for Inflation

Larger version here. If you’re ever wanted to ruin that little bit of self-esteem that you have gathered over the last few years you’ve spent in therapy take a look at in infographic. Redditor Auir2blaze created a list of game consoles and listed their original price and then adjusted it for inflation. Find the console …

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Oct 14 2013

How To: Successfully Steal Cookies From Coworkers

Full size version here. If you’re not familiar with The Art of Manliness you should check it out an familiarize yourself with it. You’ll learn a lot I promise. Even the ladies out there, go learn what the men in your life should know and help them learn it. Let’s get back to a more …

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