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Mar 18 2015

There You Have It: Toilet Paper Rolls Over the Top

In a landmark discovery that anyone with any motivation could have found but no one did, Owen Williams went right to the source to find out exactly how toilet paper is supposed to roll. He looked up the patent for the toilet paper roll and you can see that toilet paper is meant to roll …

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Aug 14 2014

Roadside Attraction: Salmon Cannon

So salmon, amiright? They’re crazy animals. Ever year they swim up a river and do their thing to make new little salmon. Sounds pretty simple right, a little swim up stream with the reward of sexy-time? I suppose it could be, up until they hit a dam or something that has been built up in …

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Jun 16 2014

My Dog Would Die: Guy Builds Automatic Fetching Machine

What do you do when you’re an engineer with a dog? Apparently you build an automatic fetching machine so your dog can play fetch by itself when you’re busy. I would love one of these for my dogs, maybe if they could play fetch by themselves they wouldn’t have such a meltdown every time I …

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Jun 12 2014

World Takeover Continues: Robotic Gas Pump

For those of us who don’t live in Oregon and have to pump our own gas, isn’t it a pain? You have to find a gas station that you trust, where the prices won’t make you cry, and see that the truck isn’t there stirring up the silt in the tank. Then you have to …

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Jun 10 2014

Want: New Coca Cola Bottle Lids Give Old Bottles a New Life

Coca Cola has released a group of 16 different cap adapters to transform old empty bottles into something useful again. I have to say, I love it. It’s great when garbage that we all know isn’t going to be recycled is given new life. Here’s some of the new adapters: A paintbrush, pencil sharpener, bubble-blower, …

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Jun 09 2014

Incredible: Drinkable Sunscreen

Harmonized H2O who makes all sorts of supplements and miracle treatments has come out with a product that they claim to be an effective drinkable sunscreen and tanning enhancer. You’re supposed to just drink a cap full an hour before you head out into the sun and every 4 hours after that. You can head …

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Jun 05 2014

Now that’s Progress: Prosthectic Leg for Rock Climbers

Some people like to climb rocks and giant cliffs. These people are braver or crazier than me. Some time brave or crazy people get sucked into a swather or get blown up and lose a leg or two. Usually that means the end of their rock climbing career. Until now… A prosthetic leg for rock …

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May 29 2014

Sneaky: MIT is Developing a Camouflage Generator

A team at MIT is currently working on a new camouflage system to hide objects in public places. They claim that it’s not for any nefarious reasons, but they’re a bunch of college students and professors so I’m sure there will be an invisible coffee table on a sidewalk somewhere. The idea behind MIT’s camouflage …

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May 28 2014

Want: Printed Pancake Breakfast

How cool would it be if you could pick the shape of your pancakes to be anything under the sun. All of my pancakes look like the sun itself. Kinda round and burning so hot you can’t touch them or even look directly at them. Miguel Valenzuela built this PancakeBot which can be programmed to …

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May 22 2014

Want: Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Ramen Noodle Bread

You’ll recall the several times ramen noodles have made an appearance on sandwiches lately, but I think this is my new favorite. It’s a ramen noodle grilled cheese. Thanks to Nick from Dude Foods we now have this wonder to add to the menu. First, he cooked a block of ramen noodles according to the …

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