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Mar 25 2014

Good News: We can 3D Print Faces from DNA

A while back I told you about an artist who was collecting DNA to use in creating 3D faces for an art installation. Of course, the law can’t keep their long arms out of things so now they’re trying to use the technology to 3D print mug shots from DNS they find at crime scenes. …

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Mar 20 2014

Man Turns Himself in after Google Search Reveals he’s a Fugitive

Christopher Viatafa, of Palo Alto, California, pictured on the left above, recently tried out this “Googling yourself” trend that he’d heard of. As in most cases Googling yourself turns into a depressing portrayal of how unimportant you are in the word. Viatafa’s search turned up The Northern California Regional Intelligence Center’s website where he learned …

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Mar 14 2014

Road Closed to Search for Man’s Missing Penis

There’s a title I never thought I’d get to write. Police in Middlesborough, Cleveland, England closed a busy road yesterday to search for an injured man’s severed penis. Or at least that’s how the story goes. A busy dual carriageway had to be closed by police as they searched for the severed penis of man …

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Mar 13 2014

The Legal System at Work: Man Loses Drunken Poker Bet Legally Changes Name

The Country of New Zealand has a few things going for it. It’s Middle Earth, there are no snakes, and the government has the power to reject stupid or offensive baby names. Every now and then something can slip past the filters and end up on a legal document. This is one of those cases. …

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Mar 03 2014

Have All the Money: Richest Disney Villains

As we’ve all heard repeated a million times by after-school specials, “crime doesn’t pay.” Only that’s not true, and you know it if you think about it. Remember that guy in high school who you always suspected was up to something nefarious? Yeah he made a butt-tonne of money. But he’s an idiot so he …

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Jan 30 2014

Nice Try: Learner Driver Accompanied by Parrot

In news that should not surprise you if you know any of those crazy people who own a parrot. A woman in England was recently taken into custody after having her car pulled over for “suspicion of speeding.” First of all, suspicion of speeding? WTF is that. Where I live you are either speeding or …

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Dec 17 2013

Point it My Way: Science Working on Invisibility Laser

Using science and reasoning that I can’t quite comprehend, so I’m assuming it’s actually magic, scientists in Singapore are working on building an invisibility gun that shoots a beam of darkness to cause an object to disappear. Don’t ask me how it works, I already told you I don’t know. What I did gather is …

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Dec 16 2013

Saw it Coming: Satanic Monument Coming to Oklahoma Capitol

Last year Oklahoma passed legislation that allowed them to build religious monuments at the state capitol so long as the monuments are independently financed. That’s all well and good for those who are not crazies. First thing they did was build a replica of the 10 Commandments. Now a Hindu group wants to put up …

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Dec 06 2013

I See Christmas Gifts: Lock Pick Earrings

Since Christmas is upon us and everyone is always looking for great gifts to get that one person who’s really hard to shop for, or who won’t leave you alone for 5 minutes so you can buy her a gift without her knowing that you got her that pair of pink, fluffy, unicorn slippers she’s …

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Dec 05 2013

Making Money: Into Other Stuff

Have you ever met someone who has more money than they know what to do with? Don’t you with that was the biggest problem you had in your life? I know I do. Well, collage artist Mark Wagner has figured out something to do with those extra dollars. He destroys them, he cuts them into …

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