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Aug 21 2013

New World Record: Tallest LEGO Tower

In more LEGO News for the day the Red Clay School District in Delaware has set a new world record for the tallest structure built with interlocking plastic bricks. They used LEGOs instead of using MegaBlocks or some other form of much larger interlocking plastic brick which would have made their project go much faster, …

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Aug 21 2013

LEGO Modular Castles: For LEGO Royalty on a Budget

Have you ever decided that you would go to the store and buy one of their new LEGO sets and then come home with doughnuts instead because those are way more affordable? Well it’s happened to me, and you can tell. The area on my body where I store fat, between my nose and my …

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Aug 14 2013

Finally: Breaking Bad Lego Lab

I hope you are all as excited as I am for this last season of breaking bad. I’ve never actually seen the show so I don’t know what the excitement is really about. What gets me going is the fact that once it’s over there will only be a few weeks of people talking about …

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Aug 07 2013

The Simpsons Lego

It’s about time that LEGO has announced that they’ll be coming out with a ‘The Simpsons’ themed set. All their little LEGO people have been yellow for years. They might as well bank on the fact that the Simpsons are yellow too, before the show goes away. Danish toy company Lego on Monday confirmed it …

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Jul 24 2013

Men of Steel and Iron, Now Plastic

If you’re anything like me you live a sad life and I’m sorry you are playing your sad song about not going to the San Diego Comic-Con. Every year we see pictures of all the awesomeness that is the SDCC and every year we’re to broke to do anything about it. Someday. Someday. This year …

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Jun 27 2013

Protect Me From The Darkness With Glow Balls

Don’t you hate how every time you turn off the light monsters jump out of your closet and skeletons start trying to grab your feet from under the bed or, at the very least, you step on a Lego with your bare feet and can’t even show off your scar to your coworkers because you …

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Jun 26 2013

Looks Uncomfortable: Lego Wedding Dress

Artist Rie Hosokai has a unique view on life. Of course, she’s an artist so that’s how she makes her money. In her exhibit “Piece of Peace” Hosokai created this Lego wedding dress and perched it around a model who I’m sure found it unpleasant. Confusing? Dumfounding? That’s it, I’m going with dumbfounding. Read what …

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Jun 21 2013

Worth a Look: Lego Wizard of Oz

Brickworld 2013 in Chicago was held last weekend. And I missed it. The most spectacular thing I’ve seen from the show was this 10 foot long diorama of The Wixard of Oz, with a working tornado. The whole thing is pretty impressive and the promise of a working tornado only serves to sweeten the deal. …

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Jun 19 2013

Choking Hazard: Curiosity Killed the Cat

The Lego version of the Curiosity Rover has reached the 10,000 vote level and can now be a real thing. Seen above? not a real thing I guess. It’s an illusion. This makes the 5th set that has received enough votes in Lego’s Cuusoo (pronounced “cuss you”) program to become a real set that they’ll …

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Jun 13 2013

Geek Chariot Squared: Lego Segway

Maker Simon “Burf” Burfield has built himself a Lego Segway that supports the weight of an adult. So far it doesn’t self balance and it moves at a snails pace. And not those new turbo snails either. A dying snail. Of course it is only using toy motors. When the kit comes out I’m gonna …

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