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Jul 17 2013

Smells Like a Man

For all you men out there. We know smell is important. But we’re not so worried about that smell when it comes to ourselves. As long as I don’t smell myself then it can’t be that bad and everyone else just needs to shut up. Luckily for us other people have noses too and can …

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Jul 02 2013

Guinea Pigs: They’re Just Like People

If you haven’t yet noticed, guinea pigs are the new favorite pet on the internet. Corgis are over with, sloths are done, now it’s the guinea pig’s time to shine. That being said, welcome back to the internet. I’m glad we finally got away from those sloths too, I found something about them uncanny and …

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Jun 20 2013

Just What I Needed: Periodic Table of Muppets

Here at Uncanny Flats we have a fascination with periodic tables. Some may call it an unhealthy fascination, but how unhealthy can it be when we keep our clothes on the whole time? The current table of the period is the Periodic Table of Muppets. The Periodic Table of Muppets was designed by artist Mike …

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Jun 05 2013

For My Collection: 77 Cars from TV and Movies

Artist Scott Park has obligingly provided the world with this compilation of fictional vehicles. See a larger version here. They come from all sorts of places like TV and movies and TV movies and movies on TVs playing in the background of movies on TV, but you don’t see most of those. All told he’s …

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May 29 2013

Do Not Want: Bad Taxidermy

Since you are already a loyal follower of Uncanny Flats you know how I love lists of things. Particularly lists of funny or interesting things. This time I’ve come across a group of images of some bad (read: creepy) taxidermy compiled by Vincze Miklós . I really hope all of these animals were the first …

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May 18 2013

Shaken not spilled

Have you ever wondered what the people on the movie you are watching are drinking? Probably not because it just doesn’t matter. However, apparently the folks at Pop Chart Lab did wonder and they created a  poster that includes the best known drinks, and a lot from movies I’ve never bothered to watch. Larger version …

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May 18 2013

Boldly Traveling at Speeds “un-travel-at-able.”

Untravelable? Untraversable? Impossible? Really-really-fast. If you’ve ever wondered which ship from which science fiction is the fastest, then you’d fit right into the conversations I get stuck in. If you’ve ever argued that one fictional ship is such-and-such percentage faster than another ship you need to go outside. Outside, HA. The best thing about this …

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May 07 2013

A long time ago in a country far, far away.

You see, Boba Fett is the is the obvious choice here becasue he’s your favorite character, and don’t try to pretend he’s not. These beautiful illustrations by Joseph Chiang imagine what famous Star Wars characters would look like if they were actually ancient Chinese warriors. Boba Fett and Yoda are obvious choices, but who knew …

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May 01 2013

Not a single superhero: 500 most powerful people on earth.

Image mostly unrelated. Foreign Policy magazine just released their list of the 500 most powerful people on the planet. I’m not gonna ruin it by telling you that you aren’t on it. LIES! You aren’t on it. hahahahaha. Neither am I. I’m not entirely clear on their ranking criteria because I haven’t heard of about …

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Apr 30 2013

Great places I can’t afford.

In news that makes me want to cry, the Diners Club released their list of the top 50 restaurants in the World today. Not one of which will I ever go to even when I am a billionaire and rule my own continent. I’m doing it out of spite for not putting my favorite place …

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