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Apr 01 2014

Want: MB&F Starfleet Machine

A while back I wrote about an amazing MB&F Music Machine. Well they’re at it again, this time they’ve got a desk clock they’re calling Starfleet Machine because it draws inspiration from Star Trek Deep Space Nine. The clock lays horizontal, rather than being wall-mounted. It can rest on either end of its external structure …

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Mar 25 2014

Float that My Way: Balloon that Generates Electricity and Wi-Fi

I know this looks like it fell off the Michelin Man’s private 747 but it’s actually a balloon. This balloon surrounds a turbine so that it can float up in constant winds and generate electricity. This will be great for those out-of-the-way places with no power. Developed by Altaeros energies, the floating turbines are designed …

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Mar 18 2014

Who You Gonna Call? Transformers.

FML My Browser obviously doesn’t want me to write this most awesome post I’ve ever thought up so here. It’s died twice now. Just look at some pretty transformers by Darren Rawlings. Hit the jump for the rest.

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Mar 17 2014

It’s a New Record: LEGO Rubik’s Cube Solver Robot

The entirely of a new world record in one GIF. Watch and be amazed over and over again. Cubestormer 3 is a robot with just one job—to solve a scrambled Rubik’s Cube as swiftly as possible. Today, at the Big Bang Fair in Birmingham, UK, it did the task in an astounding 3.253 seconds, faster …

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Mar 14 2014

For Robot Elephants: Robitic Elephant Trunks

Do robotic elephants get the jimmy-trunk when they’re falling asleep? My wife still complains about one time I kicked here while sleeping, two years ago, I guess my jimmy-legs are unacceptable but it’s fine when she kicks me in the shins every night. Researchers in Jochen Steil’s lab in Germany are training their robotic elephant’s …

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Mar 07 2014

The Human Drum Machine: Drummer’s Robotic Prosthesis

Two years ago, as he was cleaning an air vent hood at work, Jason Barnes was struck by a freak jolt of electricity. The accident wasn’t fatal, but he did end up losing part of his right arm. An aspiring drummer, Barnes was thunderstruck. He refused to give up, cobbling together his own make-shift drumming …

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Mar 04 2014

Kitchen Appliance of Loneliness: One Slice Toaster

Here’s one for the loners with more dollars than sense. This is the $78 “Plus Minus Zero 1-Slice Toaster.” This is the perfect example of a product that shouldn’t exist. Let us count the reasons: 1. It costs $78. I think mine might have cost $12. 2. It only fits one slice of bread. Your …

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Feb 17 2014

Mystery Solved: No Jelly Donut Deliveries to Mars

Remember a couple of weeks ago when the Mars Rover discovered a rock the size and shape of a jelly doughnut that mysteriously appeared out of no where? The people at NASA started calling the rock Pinnacle Island which just served to increase the mystery.  The theories on where the rock came from were many …

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Feb 13 2014

Nice Work: Useless Door in Minecraft Only Opens at the End of the Universe

We’ve all seen videos of incredibly ambitious people building outrageous things in Minecraft. Thinks like the USS Enterprise, the entirety of the Game of Thrones world, and now this. It’s a door that will only open up at the end of the universe. Yes, it may look like a door, but it’s actually a clock …

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Feb 07 2014

Uncanny: 240 Year Old Automaton Boy

We all know that the worlds most uncanny objects all have eyes that move and watch you when there is no life behind those eyes. Robots with faces, those creepy-ass porcelain dolls, singing rubber fish, and old automatons like this little boy who was build in Switzerland about 240 years ago. The little automaton boy …

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