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Jan 08 2014

A Blessing and a Curse: Guy with 2 Penises Answers Your Questions

Sometimes Mother Nature rears her ugly head and shows she has a bad temper and a horrible sense of humor. We can see this evidenced in the recent polar vortex that’s put a freeze on most of the US or by looking at koalas were blessed/cursed with 4 thumbs and 2 penises. Luckily or unluckily …

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Jan 03 2014

Calms the Jitters: Caffeinated Shaving Cream

Have you ever been shaving and thought to yourself, “Self, I wish my hands were shaking so bad I come out of this looking like I got attacked by a Raptor-Pony?” Well you’re in luck. Here’s something for those people who are just too calm about their shaves. You really have to learn to come …

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Jan 02 2014

Well That’s Gross: Cat Themed Body Hair

Meat Jonathan Burnside a teacher from Florida. As you can tell he’s a creeper, and he’s teaching your children. Strike Florida off the list honey, we’re not living there.¬†Ok, so maybe he’s not a creeper, he’s just got a healthy sense of humor, and a moustache that grows down to his nipples. He’s done this …

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Dec 30 2013

For the Glory: Worlds Stickiest Man

Georgian kick-boxing coach Etibar Elchyev proved again that he is the worlds stickiest man. Dubbed “the magnet man,” a nickname I’m pretty sure he gave himself, Elchyev just set a new world record by sticking 53 spoons to himself around his neck and chest. This breaks his old record of 50 spoons back when he …

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Nov 19 2013

Good to Know: How to Open a Can

Random fact time, did you know that tin cans have been around since at least 1772 but the can opener didn’t come about until 1855? Well, according to the Internets it’s true. So how did people back them get the food back out of the can that they sealed it in. I’ll bet a lot …

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Nov 14 2013

Ashrita Furman gets a Documentary

If you’ve never heard of Ashrita Furman then you’re lying to yourself. You’ve heard of him many times you just didn’t realize it was the same guy each time. Ashrita Furman is a record breaker. It’s basically just what it sounds like. He breaks world records. One record he keeps breaking over and over is …

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Nov 13 2013

Finally: Physics Reveals Proper Peeing Technique

I’ve often wondered what a graduate physics student at Brigham Young University would study. As it turns out the answer is peeing. They’ve decided that the world has reached a point where we need to find out why everything is constantly wet. So they’re attacking urinal splash-back first, I hope next they take on faucet …

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Nov 11 2013

Just What I Need: Bacon Deodorant

Everybody loves bacon. All of us have known it for our whole lives. A couple of years ago the Internet figured it out and soon after that advertisers and product manufacturers caught of. Why this didn’t happen a hundred years ago is anyone’s guess. There’s probably some kind of conspiracy instigated by The Man who …

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Oct 23 2013

Finally: Moustache Implants

Even if they won’t admit it, every man alive wishes he had a moustache. I’m under the impression many women wish for moustaches as well but it’s still socially unacceptable for the ladies to sport facial hair so you don’t see a lot of lady-staches. I say free the beast ladies, you can share in …

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Oct 22 2013

Takes a Steady Hand: Hand Painted Lettering

If you met Glen Weisgerber and had 10 tries to guess what he does for a living I’ll bet you never get the right answer. I’ll tell you the closest I’d ever come would be “tattoo artist.” Nope. He’s a pinstriper. I don’t think this means he paints lines on suit jackets, but that may …

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