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May 13 2013

A period of tables: Start Wars periodic table.

Because everyone loves pop culture themed periodic tables these days here’s another. We give the people what they want. This time around it’s the Star Wars. Here’s a larger one that’s almost legible. This table has all the most beloved characters from the original trilogy, along with about 25 you didn’t know had names, and …

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May 08 2013

Feels so familiar: Floor plans from tv homes.

Spanish interior designer Inaki Aliste has given us the floor plans of the most popular sitcoms of the last few decades. Finally. Most of these stay pretty unchanged aside from the Simpson home above (the bedrooms have a tendency to move around) so I don’t know why no one has done this before. Or maybe …

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May 07 2013

Most Geektastic Violin Medley Ever

This is Jason Yang, but I like to call him Rufio. He plays the violin so awesomely, that freaking Mozart and Beethoven died. That’s not impressive you say? They already were dead eh? Get your history straight, and just check out this video after the jump and be amazed. As a side note, I also …

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May 01 2013

Not too small for IMAX.

In crap-you-didn’t-know-was-possible news. The folks at IBM Research have come up with a stop-motion movie using single atoms to make up the characters. Appropriately enough the called it, “A Boy and his Atom.” Scientists at IBM Research have just earned a Guinness world record for the smallest movie ever: They created a stop-motion film by …

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Apr 24 2013

What’s summer without disappointment.

Horrible, horrible disappointment. Most Star Wars fans have dreamed of a universe where they get new films on a regular basis. Whatever else Disney has done with the franchise, they’ve at least made that possible. We’ve known we’re getting Star Wars: Episode VII in 2015 and that it would be followed by the rest of …

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