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Mar 13 2014

Uncanny: New Scarlet Johansson as Black Widow Action Figure

Sometimes toys are creepy and there is no shame in admitting that you would rather burn down the house than let that horrible porcelain doll watch you sleep. Then there are toys that are creepy in the same way but you secretly want to purchase and set on the nightstand so it can be the …

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Mar 10 2014

Do Not Want: Godfather Horse Head Pillow

Fans of The Godfather will recognize what’s going on here. But now you don’t have to be horrified and disgusted by it like you used to be. Kropserkel has come out with a Horse Head Pillow that will let the softer among us to recreate one of our favorite classic movie scenes. A great conversation …

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Mar 05 2014

Want: Street Legal Batman Tumbler

If you’ve got a million dollars taking up floor space then I have a deal for you. Here’s a street-legal version of Batman’s Tumbler that you can buy for me. This concept vehicle features an LS1 motor with a custom built frame, chassis and drive line. It has an automatic transmission, dually rear end featuring …

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Mar 03 2014

Have All the Money: Richest Disney Villains

As we’ve all heard repeated a million times by after-school specials, “crime doesn’t pay.” Only that’s not true, and you know it if you think about it. Remember that guy in high school who you always suspected was up to something nefarious? Yeah he made a butt-tonne of money. But he’s an idiot so he …

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Feb 25 2014

So Many Feels: Harold Ramis Dies at 69

If you didn’t hear the sad news, Harold Ramis died yesterday from complications related to auto-immune inflammatory vasculitis. He’s been battling the disease for a while now and it finally won out. He was 69. If you don’t know who Ramis was then I task you with going to the video store and renting each …

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Feb 25 2014

Play it Again: Holy Stomping

When’s the last time you found a really good, amazingly simple, outlandishly dumb, and endlessly entertaining Internet game? If it’s been a while then today is the day for a new one. Holy Stomping is the new game in which you play as the Foot of Cupid from Monty Python and you stomp things. Holy …

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Feb 19 2014

R-Rated Movie Scenes in Childrens Book Form

Pixar storyboard artist Josh Cooley created a bunch of “Little Golden Book’s” type illustrations depicting scenes from movies that your average 4-year-old would not have seen. Can you imagine your average 4-year-old watching Donnie Darko? At lest you’d be able to pinpoint exactly when that child’s problems started in life. What these images could serve …

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Feb 17 2014

Nike Confirmed: Power Laces Coming in 2015

In Back to the Future II there is a scene where Marty McFLy is slipping on a pair of shoes that are so 80’s that you could puke. The reason we care now, being that the movie was made in 1989 is that this scene took place in 2015. Which according to this note taped …

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Feb 14 2014

He Makes Some Good Points: An Open Letter From the Architect of the Death Star

The Brilliance that is Andrew Bridgman at Dorkly created an open letter from the desk of the architect who designed the Death Star. In it he makes a lot of good points that I never thought of before because I had always been rooting for team Skywalker anyway. So it all came down to sexless …

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Feb 10 2014

Mark Your Calendar: Zombie Beavers are Coming

SO we all know that zombies are a thing right now and beavers have been a thing for about 300 years, so it’s about time that zombie beavers or Zombeavers became a thing too. Luckily for us there’s a new movie coming to a theater you’ve probably never been to that has zombie beavers. You’ll have …

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