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Jun 20 2014

5 Myths about Charging your Phone

I don’t usually post on stuff like this but I found this article mildly interesting. And if there is one thing I love posting on, it is stuff that I find mildly interesting. Mashable wrote up a list of 5 myths and facts about correct phone charging practices. You know, stuff to keep your iPhone …

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Mar 18 2014

Isn’t that Dangerous: The History of the Upside-Down Traffic Light

In Syracuse, New York there is a traffic light that is upside down. Apparently this is a point of local pride, legend, history, and mystery. But the good folks at Gizmodo decided to delve into the mystery to see what’s up. Or maybe just to find out who screwed up. Legend has it that a …

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Feb 17 2014

Mystery Solved: No Jelly Donut Deliveries to Mars

Remember a couple of weeks ago when the Mars Rover discovered a rock the size and shape of a jelly doughnut that mysteriously appeared out of no where? The people at NASA started calling the rock Pinnacle Island which just served to increase the mystery.  The theories on where the rock came from were many …

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Dec 27 2013

Screwing With the Neighbors: Animal Footprint Shoes

Artist Maskull Lasserre has a hobby of screwing with the neighbors. He created a bunch of shoes that leave distinctive animal footprints when you walk around in them. And one pair of human feet, rumor has it he’s out to catch some of that bigfoot-hunter funding. What better thing could you do in the snow …

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Dec 12 2013

Amazon Mystery Continues: What Are These Things

Remember a while back that the Internet got all stirred up about these little spider-webby structures found in the Amazon that no one can identify? No? Okay, so there are these little spider-webby things in the Amazon. Apparently they were just noticed for the first time and no one knows what’s making them. So because …

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