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Nov 26 2013

Impregnable: Graphene Condom

If you’ve been on the internet, or watched tv, or read a magazine or newspaper in the last couple of years you know that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is offering a $100,00 prize for anyone who can make safer, easier, and even more ubiquitous than they already are. All for the noble reason …

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Nov 21 2013

Geek Think: Self Healing Batteries are Coming

Just yesterday I was discussing with a colleague about the problems that exist in device design and manufacturing today. Sounds like more of an interesting conversation than it actually was. You see the problem we were discussing is built-in batteries and how they are becoming very common and how that’s an awful trend. Take your …

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Nov 20 2013

For the Discerning Paranoid: Bullet Proof Suit

Garrison Bespoke has come out with a bullet proof suit to help protect you from the world around you. If those high pressure sales meetings, or company insurance plan reviews often turn deadly at your place of work then this is the suit for you. Also, you should probably find a new job. Just sayin’. …

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Nov 08 2013

Do Not Want: Motorola Neck Tattoo Microphone

Remember in the Mission Impossible movies where the spies were constantly wearing masks and stickers on their throats to change how they looked and talked? Well, this story is completely different. There is still something that goes on your neck though, so my leap to a movie reference is still allowed right? Motorola just filed …

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Sep 17 2013

Science Content: Graphene Computer Chips Run on Light

Researchers at MIT, Columbia and IBM’s T.J. Watson Research Center are working to create circuits that run on light instead of electricity. The idea is the new circuits will be much faster than the old ones. Previously doing such a thing was mostly a pipe dream but since the advent of graphene it’s starting to …

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Sep 05 2013

Not Sure About This: House-Cleaning Robot Swarm

If there is one think I need more of in my house, it’s robotic bees. Luckily there is a new design by Adrian Perez Zapata that will turn my home back into the wasp’s nest it was at the beginning of the summer. These robots don’t sting, or so I’m told, they clean your house. …

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Jun 14 2013

Nope, It’s Permanent: Password Tattoo

When is the last time you forgot your password and had to call tech support to have it reset? If that’s never happened then I have two things to tell you. 1. Good for you. 2. You should probably not use the same password for everything. But in the future forgetting passwords will be a …

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Jun 12 2013

Integrate This Into My Pants: Polymer Opals

Because sometimes I wear stretchy pants, not for fun, but because I have to or I have given up on life, depends on the day. Scientist have developed “Polymer Opals” that change color when you stretch them. The idea is modeled on butterfly wings or natural opals. Neither of which have much real color of …

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May 21 2013

Gold Farming: Now with real gold.

Northwestern University postdoctoral fellow Zhichang Liu (don’t try to hard you’ll hurt yourself) has given us the gift of safer gold. If you’ve ever watched any of the channels in the Discovery Network you know the basics behind how gold is mined. Mine owners contract with Leprechauns and goblins to crawl into caves and bring …

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May 15 2013

Glowing food = bad, nanoparticles = good.

Researchers at the University of Missouri are developing nanoparticles that can detect toxins and poisons in food. They do it by attaching themselves to the toxin and holding on. The real trick is that the particles are painted with UV reactive stuff (technical term) so when the researchers shine a black light on the tainted …

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