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Jun 16 2014

Want: Super Mario Aquarium

Do people who have fish love them? I didn’t love the fish that I used to have. They were lucky if I remembered to feed them. Yes, I’m a horrible person. But some of them did like for like 7 years so that’s pretty good right? That’s a good run for a handful of Danios? …

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Apr 14 2014

Realistic Mario: Ruining My Childhood

In Pete Holmes’ latest sketch comedy video, we finally get to see what Mario’s 8-bit world would be like if it was a little more realistic. If video games were realistic we wouldn’t play them because they would be awful. When have you ever played a game that was meant to be realistic that wasn’t …

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Apr 07 2014

Lock Him Up: Mario Destroys Some Guy’s House

If you’ve never thought about it before then let me put this seed in your brain. Think about the destruction and horrible consequences that would come from a video game character, even one as safe and lovable as Mario, escaping from their game into the real world. YouTuber Jhoofnail created a short video depicting Mario’s …

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Mar 11 2014

I Want to Play: Another Real-Life Mario Kart

If you weren’t aware or weren’t invited, I wasn’t invited, SXSW is going on right now in Austin, Texas. One activity I’m unhappy to be missing out on is the real-life Mario Kart sponsored by Penzoil and Nintendo. Apparently Penzoil has a new oil product made from natural gas, which sounds like a step backwards …

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Feb 24 2014

Ancient Instrument Sounds Just Like Super Mario

This is a sheng an ancient Chinese instrument that you’ve never heard of, until now. In just a minute you’ll want to learn to play it too. What would ever lead you to want to make such a commitment as learning to play an instrument. This one sounds just like your childhood. Watch the video …

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Jan 24 2014

Didn’t Watch it All: All the NES Start Screens Back to Back

Think back to the last time you played on an NES. Wasn’t that a great day? Birds were singing, the sun was shining, there was a light breeze blowing from the east, and you didn’t even have to go outside to deal with any of that. You were playing the NES. And you were happy. …

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Dec 30 2013

How Much Did Your Parents Really Love You: Game Consoles Adjusted for Inflation

Larger version here. If you’re ever wanted to ruin that little bit of self-esteem that you have gathered over the last few years you’ve spent in therapy take a look at in infographic. Redditor Auir2blaze created a list of game consoles and listed their original price and then adjusted it for inflation. Find the console …

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Dec 27 2013

Looks Like Fun: Stop Motion Mario Kart

Have you ever dreamed of playing a Mario Kart battle in the streets of your own city? How about playing it on your old Nintendo 64 again? I could really go for that, unfortunately all my controllers are so worn out that the joysticks just flop around when you hold them. Two Mario Kart lovers …

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Oct 11 2013

Who Knew: There’s an Online Mario Museum

While you are spending your day wandering around the internet I hope you take a moment to smell the digital roses or stop by a museum. If a museum sounds more like your thing than sniffing the computer screen then you can check out the IGN Museum of Mario. This museum shows Mario’s history all …

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Oct 07 2013

Teenage Mutant Koopa Troopas

Rated P for Parody Here’s a beautifully done mashup of Mario and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. My first though was it’s about time. I kind of figured this would have been done in the late 80’s or early 90’s when they made the TMNT and Super Mario Bros live action movies. I hope you’ve …

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