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Oct 01 2013

Want: Nintendonomicon

While reading the Necronomicon, John Southwood came up with the idea to create the Nintendomonicon. I have to say, I’m more than a little impressed. It’s good to see people still getting use out of their N64s. I know mine isn’t getting any use. I don’t even think it’s collecting dust. I’m going to have …

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Jul 23 2013

Sounds About Right: The NES Turns 30

Ok so the birthday of the Famicom was last week. July 15th, 1983 is when it hit the market. That makes it 10,964 days old. But like anything over the age of 11 we’re not gonna feel bad about missing it’s birthday by a little bit. I haven’t even seen one of these machines in …

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Jul 10 2013

Should Be Kept Secret: Heroes Secret Lives

Artist Greg Guillemin just released another group of images to add to his Secret Lives of Superheroes collection. I question some of his choices of superheroes. I mean, Robin, Cat Woman, Batman? They may be the heroes of their respective stories but until they have a super power I will never consider them a hero. …

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Jun 20 2013

1 Up! Super Mario Art on Animal Skulls

As part of the 8bit Art Show Tobias W├╝stefeld created these Super Mario levels on some old skulls. I’m pretty sure they were cows if you care. He had this to say about the project, he probably said it in German but was nice enough to translate it so the rest of the world could …

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May 17 2013

Let’s Play, something else.

For any of you familiar with the internet and in particular YouTube you know that people will post everything they can get their hands on. The problem we face today is that some people like to record themselves playing video games and upload those recordings, usually with them screaming at the game and cursing some …

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