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May 29 2014

Well Played: Australian Senator Pipe Smuggles “Pipe Bomb” Into Parliament to Demonstrate Security Risks

Being afraid for your safety is not a state that you want to live in. That’s why people move out of Michigan. Apparently that’s the situation in the Australian Parliament right now. Due to a change in security regulations some people are not required to go through a full security scan when they enter the …

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May 21 2014

Newsworthy: Colorado River Reaches the Sea

If you weren’t aware the Colorado river hasn’t reached the ocean in quite some time. Decades actually. But thanks to some political back and forth US recently released “a huge pulse of water” to cause the river to flow all the way to the sea once more. So last Thursday at high tide the river …

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May 19 2014

Bad News: Russia Blocks NASA’s Access to the ISS

Due to US reactions to the recent unpleasantness in the Ukraine, Russia has blocked NASA‘s access to the International Space Station and most of the rest of space. Not that they’re standing on the porch with shotguns or anything yelling at anyone who sets foot on the lawn, instead Russia has closed the bay doors …

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May 09 2014

Well Handled: Jordanian TV Guests Destroy the Set in and On-Air Fight

Every person on the planet knows that violence is a viable and excellent solution to 100 percent of the problems they face in life. Unfortunately for us and our algae-filled gene pool not enough people turn to violence to solve their problems. So we grow weaker and weaker every generation. Don’t think that’s true, ask …

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May 05 2014

This is What We’ve Come to: Vancouver Bans Doorknobs

Yeah, I know my first thought was that this was some kind of fart-referencing joke too but it turns out the story is true. Vancouver, that one city in Canada that had an olympics a while ago, is banning doorknobs on new buildings. No this isn’t a turn to the dark side, and they’re being …

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May 01 2014

Oh the Frustration: Definition of a Photocopier

Do you know what a photocopier is? If you are reading this, on the internet, or on paper for that matter, I hope to the powers above that you know what a photocopier is. Because if you don’t you should ask someone immediately so you don’t make yourself look like a fool in the Ohio …

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Apr 23 2014

That was Close: Senator Nearly Hit by Train During Saftey Talk

If you ever needed someone to do something dumb you need look no further than your closest politician. Case in point… United States Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) was nearly struck by a speeding train during a press conference on Friday — at a conference about commuter safety, no less. The conference, which was held on …

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Mar 27 2014

Well that Figures: California Anti-Game-Violence Legislator Arrested for Corruption

California State Senator Leland Yee (D), he’s one of the characters above not sure which, has been one of the major players in the push to limit the access minors have to violent video games. As much as I think such legislation needs to exist, not at all, it’s good to see a wrench thrown …

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Feb 17 2014

Slight Disappointment: New Zealand Prime Minister not a Space Lizard

In news that left my both rocked, unsettled, and yes, a little disappointed the New Zealand Prime Minister John Key recently confirmed that he is not a space reptile sent to earth to enslave humanity. Said Key: “To the best of my knowledge, no. I’ve taken the unusual step of not only seeing a doctor …

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Feb 14 2014

Complaining Mother Ask for an Access Ramp, Gets What’s Coming to Her

  A mother in the UK has spent two years campaigning and complaining to get better access to her home for her disabled 7-year-old daughter who is wheelchair-bound. I’m not sure how things usually work in England when you complain for two years but I hope the outcomes are usually like this. “The council” installed …

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