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Jun 24 2014

I Want to Play: Underground Trampolines Suspended in a Mine

I spend a lot of my day wishing I was on an adventure somewhere. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, basically just not whatever I’m doing at the time that I’m daydreaming about the adventure. Here’s a good one that I’d be willing to try. If you’re afraid of heights, caves, the dark, …

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Apr 21 2014

Your Parents Must be Proud: Kurt Coleman, the World’s Vainest Boy

When most sane people are described as narcissistic they usually take offense. Some people though, they thank the haters and then go home and look up narcissism, then they direct message the hatter on twitter to thank them for the comparison to an ancient Greek beauty. Kurt Coleman is one of these people. And that’s …

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Apr 14 2014

Gender Swap: Disney Characters Trade Sexes

DeviantArtist sakmichan created a group of images of Disney characters who’ve changed ganders. Luckily sakimichan draws in more of an anime style so you can almost pass of the newly made guys as the ladies they once were. The big difference here is that not you can look at your favorite Disney princesses with their …

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Mar 03 2014

Burning Alcohol Looks like a Brain

There is probably some cosmic joke behind this but it turns out that a plume of burning alcohol vapor looks a lot like a human brain. This could probably be used in one of those anti drug and alcohol commercials but you’ll have to talk to the guys in marketing to get more details on …

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Feb 27 2014

Cleverly Done: Subway Hair-Product Ad

Here’s a pretty clever ad for hair products by Apotek Hjärtat that they’re calling “Blowing in The Wind.” The idea is a video ad of a lady who must have been using their products having her hair blown in the wind of a passing train. Yes, that would be pretty boring and commonplace if it …

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Feb 14 2014

It’s Nice but How’s it Look from Space: Middle Earth From Space

In what I hope becomes a meme, or at least a regular appearance on Uncanny Flats, here’s some pretty shots of something from space. The difference here is that this land mass doesn’t exist anywhere in our universe. This is a space shot of Middle Earth. I know, you’re confused and frightened, it’s OK. I’m …

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Jan 23 2014

Sweet: Chocolate Syrup Artwork

You know those designs and faces talented baristas are pouring into the foam on expensive coffees? Well here are some awesome images drawn in syrup that you can order to go along with your side of toast. Of course, you can’t get it here, you can never get something this awesome anywhere near where you …

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Jan 15 2014

Here’s an Idea: Soundwave Jewelry

This post is not about a tiny Soundwave the Decepticon what you can wear on a necklace, although I would purchase said item were it to cost merely a single euro. Instead this jewelry cut to the shape of an actual sound wave. You can see above one made in metal and used as a …

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Jan 10 2014

Would Steal: Beautiful Hobit Artwork Journal

Like everyone else int he world I’m pretty infatuated with The Hobbit and previously The Lord of the Rings movies. I read the books too, in fact, The Hobbit is one of a very few books that I’ve ever read more than once. I’m not going to attempt that with the LOTR books though. Once …

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Dec 17 2013

Shotgun Flower Shell

When you go out to spread peace and sunshine what is your weapon of choice. Mine has always been a shotgun. A couple of years ago I armed myself with zombie bullets and now I think I’ll get myself a box of these Flower Shells. The idea is peaceful enough, load up a flower shell …

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