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May 29 2014

Sneaky: MIT is Developing a Camouflage Generator

A team at MIT is currently working on a new camouflage system to hide objects in public places. They claim that it’s not for any nefarious reasons, but they’re a bunch of college students and professors so I’m sure there will be an invisible coffee table on a sidewalk somewhere. The idea behind MIT’s camouflage …

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May 12 2014

Time Waster: 3D Mastodon Bones

Sometimes two seemingly unrelated technologies come together in such a way that you can easily wast a whole day playing with the results. This is one of those times. So before you get too far into this be sure to send the link to your boss to so he can play with it and you …

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May 06 2014

Trying not to Cry: Rope Swing Atomic Wedgie

A recently graduated student, whose parents hated him enough to name him Tre Sev, decided to celebrate his graduation with a joyful swing on a rope. Problem was he’s one of those guys who keeps his keys on a lanyard and wears basketball shorts out in public. The results of those two things were an …

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Apr 18 2014

I Knew it: Over 120 Science Papers Pulled for Being Nonsense

If you’ve ever tried to read a science journal article and suspected that it was 100% computer-generated, unintelligible, horse crap, there’s a good chance that it is. It’s not that you’re just dumb and you don’t understand the subject matter. That could never be the case. The paper must just be nonsense. Earlier this week, …

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Apr 17 2014

Sign Me Up: You can Now Enroll in Hogwarts Online Classes

A new site just hit the internet offering online classes for all the wizards ad witches out there. Hogwarts Is Here allows students to sign up and take the same classes that the characters int he Harry Potter books and movies do. Students are now able to enroll at Hogwarts, beginning as a first year …

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Apr 17 2014

I Knew it: Gaydar is Totally a Thing

In what can only be described as an effort to test every stupid little thing in life researchers at the University of Washington and Cornell University decided it was time to test Gaydar. If you’re not familiar with Gaydar, you’re lying you really know what it is you just don’t want to be insensitive and …

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Apr 16 2014

Do Not Want: Teen Falls into a Coma After a “Friend” Squeezes his Nuts

Boys will be boys right? Wrong. It is never okay to touch another man’s junk, unless you are a licensed practicing physician and you are checking for a hernia. Now, turn your head and cough. The 17-year-old, who is from Artane in Dublin, suffered cardiac arrest while joking around with other youths. He passed out …

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Apr 07 2014

For My Evil Lair: Lasers that can Aim Lighting Strikes

University researchers and evil scientists have a lot in common if you think about it. They like to work on morally questionable projects, no one is quite sure where they get their funding, and they minions who will do whatever they ask so long as they can get their card punched. Well now, researchers at …

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Mar 21 2014

Sealed for Freshness: Vietnamese Children Ford River in a Plastic Bag

No that’s not a CCTV image of a serial murder in progress. What is is is cell phone footage of a man in Vietnam loading a preschool child into a big plastic bag and floating them across a flooded river so that they can get to school without messing up their school uniform. This particular …

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Mar 20 2014

Sign Me Up: South Korean University now Accepting Gamers as Student Athletes

Have you ever had the delusion that some day you’ll go back to school on a sports scholarship after they start giving scholarships for dodge ball? I did once. I even told several college recruiters that I’d go to their school if they could give me a dodge ball scholarship. As is my luck, none …

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