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Mar 20 2014

The Best Thing Before the Calculator Watch

Remember in school that one kid who had the Casio calculator watch? Remember how you were always so jealous of his struggling to cheat on his math test without the teacher seeing and without going over the allotted time? Remember how he always sat one row too far away from you so you couldn’t look …

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Mar 14 2014

Scientific Fact: The 5 Second Rule

A research team at Aston University in England were recently bored and looking to spend some grant money. If you’re not a regular reader you don’t know that this usually results in the study of subjects that probably don’t need studying. This time around they decided to study the 5-second rule (also known as the …

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Feb 12 2014

Just Like People: Peahens Like a Man Who can Dance

Because scientists are usually bored and easily distracted a group from Purdue University recently decided to find out what makes a peacock so attractive to the ladies. To do so they strapped a tiny camera to a peahen and watched where she looked. As it turns out the peahen wasn’t much impressed by the peacocks …

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Feb 03 2014

So Many Feels: Wearable Book lets you Feel Characters’ Emotions

In the last book you read did you spend time wishing that you could really feel the emotions that the characters in the story felt? If you had to then you know that the author wasn’t doing their job sufficiently. It’s their job to make you feel the emotions. But if they can’t make yo …

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Jan 31 2014

Stay in School: Or You’ll Die

In what has to be the most disturbing Public Service Announcement since the London DOT did the face crashing through the bathroom mirror joke, the Learn for Life Foundation of Western Australia created this horrifying view into what will happen to you if you decide to skip school. Usually playing hooky only ends with and …

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Jan 31 2014

Let it Snow: How Much Snow Does it take to Cancel School

Redditor atrubetskoy created this map to help demonstrate how much snow is required before school gets cancelled in different parts of the country. I found this to be very disheartening. Look how much of it is green. That means any snow and school is cancelled. How sad is that? I have gone to school with …

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Jan 21 2014

Would Try: Shrimp and Mayonnaise Doritos

For some reason Japan gets all the coolest foods, like Mountain Dew Cheetos and a whole store dedicated to Kit-Kats. I’m guessing that’s because they are awesome in some way that we haven’t yet reached in the states. Either that or snack food companies don’t feel bad about testing strange new foods on them. I’m …

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Jan 06 2014

Still on Academic Probation: Disney Princesses as College Students

how would your favorite Disney princess act as a college student? They’d probably get better grades and be more popular than you. They don’t have to hold a 40-hour-a-week job while trying to do 16 credits like the rest of us, so of course they are going to have a better time of things. Artist …

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Jan 02 2014

Well That’s Gross: Cat Themed Body Hair

Meat Jonathan Burnside a teacher from Florida. As you can tell he’s a creeper, and he’s teaching your children. Strike Florida off the list honey, we’re not living there.¬†Ok, so maybe he’s not a creeper, he’s just got a healthy sense of humor, and a moustache that grows down to his nipples. He’s done this …

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Dec 23 2013

Seems Wasteful: Using Alcohol to Send a Text

Researchers at York University in Toronto Canada are using magic alcohol, a desk fan, and an Arduino to send text messages. Because apparently cell phones haven’t made it to Canada yet. Their system sprays bursts of vodka which blow across a table and are gathered and decoded on the other side as binary code which …

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