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Jun 17 2014

Slightly NSFW: Princess Leia Wearing Only a Chewbacca-Fur Coat

Here’s one for the stash. Or the wall if you’re more open about your I’m-not-exactly-sure-what-ness. Artist Yannick “Moutchy” Bouchard’s image of a naked Princess Leia wrapped up in the hide of Chewbacca is sexy, yet… unsettling. My inner geek is conflicted. The walking carpet and co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon has been reduced to a fur …

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May 19 2014

Dystopian Disney: Artist Explores the More Disturbing Side of Disney

Artist José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros created a set of images he calls DisHollywood that explores the darker, more disturbing side of animated Disney movies. And… he pretty much nails it. The results are pretty disturbing. I always liked to imagine the Disney universe as a happy place full of kindness and sunshine. In this reality …

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Apr 30 2014

TnA and Hair: New Hair Alphabet

Design Student Shurong Diao there were not enough fonts or images of herself nude on the internet. So she decided to do something about it. So she used her long hair to create a new font. What do we, the general public, get out of this. Well there’s 26 new images for use in post tagged NSFW. …

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Apr 17 2014

I Knew it: Gaydar is Totally a Thing

In what can only be described as an effort to test every stupid little thing in life researchers at the University of Washington and Cornell University decided it was time to test Gaydar. If you’re not familiar with Gaydar, you’re lying you really know what it is you just don’t want to be insensitive and …

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Apr 14 2014

Gender Swap: Disney Characters Trade Sexes

DeviantArtist sakmichan created a group of images of Disney characters who’ve changed ganders. Luckily sakimichan draws in more of an anime style so you can almost pass of the newly made guys as the ladies they once were. The big difference here is that not you can look at your favorite Disney princesses with their …

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Apr 09 2014

I Needed That: DC Comic Heroines as 1940’s Pinups

By show of hands, how many of you have ever read a Hawkgirl comic? I thought as much. Well the folks over at QMx decided we needed a group of 1940’s style pinups of the Heroines from the DC comics. No, I’m not really sure who half of these girls are but I would be …

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Apr 09 2014

School Girls: Disney Characters as Hogwarts Students

DeviantArtist Eira1893 took the recent trope of putting Disney princesses in different outfits and decided to send them to Hogwarts. Really I think it was just an excuse to dress them and their princes up in school uniforms. Which I appreciate. One thing that has bugged me for a while and this group of images …

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Feb 18 2014

Impressed and Disturbed: Animal Sculpture Made of Hair

Japanese artist Nagi Noda uses hair weaves, wire frames, and a butt-tonne of hairspray to create hairy animal sculptures on the heads of models. This is another one of those situations where you’ll find models involved in questionable situations. I’m going to tell you a secret. Fake hair, wigs, toupees, weaves, extensions, etc. creep me …

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Jan 14 2014

Uncomfortable: No Pants Subway Ride

A flash mob in New York in 2002 has turned into a tradition spanning the globe. Every year people strip down to ride the subway. As far as I can tell they’re not demonstrating anything, except maybe the global hatred of pants. Or possibly some sort of group affinity to having public transportation filth touch …

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Jan 02 2014

Disney Princesses Brought to Life

Of, so the title sounds like we should be looking at undead or zombie princesses here, sorry to disappoint. But I’m sure they’re out there and as soon as I find them they will have their own post. Photographer Ryan Astamendi along with the help of some models and costume designers, everyone seems to forget …

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