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Dec 12 2013

Amazon Mystery Continues: What Are These Things

Remember a while back that the Internet got all stirred up about these little spider-webby structures found in the Amazon that no one can identify? No? Okay, so there are these little spider-webby things in the Amazon. Apparently they were just noticed for the first time and no one knows what’s making them. So because …

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Nov 07 2013

Oh No, We All Missed Christmas

Seen here sticking it to Santa and his elves and doing his best to screw up their timelines, Venezuelan President Nicol├ís Maduro recently decided that Christmas should happen earlier in his country. To help gain support for himself during this year’s election race President Maduro proclaimed November 1st “early Christmas” in Venezuela. Madura says it’ll …

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Aug 16 2013

World’s Oldest Man Older than Any Before, Maybe

Meet Carmelo Flores Laura, he’s a native Aymara herder living in Bolivia, and he’s 123 years old. For reference that puts his birth July 16th, 1890 which makes him as old at the stop sign, and shredded wheat. Both of which play a huge role in the lives of the old folks I know so …

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Jul 15 2013

That’s Rough: Man Dies When Cow Falls Through Roof

If you’ve watched any news, or used the internet, or listened to the radio, or gone outside lately you know that Brazil has not been the place to be for the last few weeks. Here’s a disconnected example of why things currently suck in Brazil. Joao Maria de Souza, 45, had been in bed with …

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