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Aug 25 2014

Lots of Practice: 87-Year-Old Grandma the Gymnast

Seen here pulling off an amazing feat of strength that I have never and will never be able to match is Johanna Quaas. Her and her 87 years hold the Guinness World Record for being the oldest practicing gymnast. When I’m 87 years old I doubt I’ll be able to do anything with the ease …

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Jul 10 2014

Bunch of Floppers: Soccer Flopping in Real Life

What if all of humanity was made up of soccer players? We’d have to live in a world that has been completely toddler-proofed so that they don’t hurt themselves with their constant flopping. It really is like temper tantrums mixed with narcolepsy. World Cup flopping is an art, a tradition and a major frustration for …

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Jun 30 2014

12 Miles in Borrowed Shoes

I thought I’d do something new today on Uncanny Flats. I’m going to tell you a bit about what’s going on right now so you can know what to expect going forward. As you know I’ve been writing Uncanny Flats for a while now and I plan to continue writing for just as long as …

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Jun 27 2014

Not Sure About This: Star Wars Yoga

If you’re in to yoga or exercise in general than that’s great. I give you permission to lord it over the rest of us like running that 5k makes you the coolest person in not just your 8th grade, but all of the 8th grades. If you’re in to yoga and Star Wars then you …

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Jun 27 2014

Best at Being Worst: World Cup Flopping Rankings

While we’re on the subject of soccer. What is with flopping? Holy crap.┬áIt seems like I remember news about players getting yellow carded for flopping back in South Africa. Why is it suddenly legal again? All too often during matches, seemingly fit men fall to the ground in agony. They scream, wince, pound the grass …

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Jun 27 2014

What Happens When an American Football Coach Starts Coaching Soccer?

Because soccer is the word of the day and everyone is all into the World Cup that’s going on right now I’m going to show you a funny video I ran across where an American football coach starts coaching an English club-soccer team. While I’m on this let’s talk. Soccer and football. I was trying …

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Jun 19 2014

Bear Interupts Baseball Game: Zero Sh*ts are Given

When you’re playing baseball and a bear wanders up hoping to take a home run ball home with him how do you handle it? If you’re from Alaska, apparently you just keep playing. The other team keeps a bear at short stop, why shouldn’t you at least have one in the stands? The bear made …

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Jun 13 2014

Tetanus Booster: Barefoot Parkour

How do you make a sport known as freerunning even cheaper? Or, how do you make parkour more manly, extreme, and dangerous, assuming those aren’t all the same thing? You do it barefoot. Hey, is there any difference between freerunning and parkour? I’m not exactly clear on that. Rostyslav More out of Tuscany, Italy has …

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Jun 12 2014

Robo Paul the Cyborg Octopus to Predict the World Cup

Meet Robo Paul. He’s a “cyborg octopus” built with the sole purpose of predicting the outcome of the soccer World Cup which starts today. He was built by Cody Erekson, one of the guys behind Zombie Watchdog. From his Facebook page: Paul the Octopus was a common octopus living in a tank at a Sea …

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Jun 05 2014

Now that’s Progress: Prosthectic Leg for Rock Climbers

Some people like to climb rocks and giant cliffs. These people are braver or crazier than me. Some time brave or crazy people get sucked into a swather or get blown up and lose a leg or two. Usually that means the end of their rock climbing career. Until now… A prosthetic leg for rock …

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