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Ninja Turtles will Haunt Your Dreams

Artist Dave Raposa has a way about him, a way of making your favorite TV and comic book characters terrifying. He’s taken the Ninja Turtles and rendered them scary. I imagine this is what they look like to all the ninja-henchmen that they take out every day. I wonder how many villains still use ninja-henchmen. …

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Creation of Adam, Adventure Time Style

Michelangelo’s (the artist not the Ninja Turtle) The Creation of Adam is one of the most parodied paintings in the history of ever. Right up there with the Vitruvian Man, the Mona Lisa, and The Last Supper. Apparently Leonardo (again the artist not the Ninja Turtle) is a good person to spoof. This time The …

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More Scary Ninja Turtles

Artist Ian Olsen brings us a horrifying new view of our favorite Ninja Turtle, Leonardo. This time around he’s more of a bad ass. He finally looks like the killer he is. He’s one of those mutant turtles you wouldn’t want to meet in an alley lighted in any fashion. My favorite part of this …

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