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Docile Deer with a Doughnut

In one of those stories that can only happen to someone else YouTuber Ben Lzicar was fishing in the Snake River in Idaho when a deer approached the water for a drink. Fortunately for us this wasn’t your average deer. This one was quite docile and was wearing a powdered doughnut on it’s antler. Lzicar …

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Roadside Attraction: Salmon Cannon

So salmon, amiright? They’re crazy animals. Ever year they swim up a river and do their thing to make new little salmon. Sounds pretty simple right, a little swim up stream with the reward of sexy-time? I suppose it could be, up until they hit a dam or something that has been built up in …

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Questionable Defensibility: Beautiful Geometric Sand Castles

New York-based sandcastle artist Calvin Seibert created a group of geometric/abstract sandcastles on a recent 10-day trip to Hawaii. First let me say, what a life. Traveling to Hawaii, building sandcastles, living in New York. What more could you ask for, aside from not to live in New York. I’m sure a lot of people …

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Happy Independence Day 2014

Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Americans. For those of you who are not Americans you can have a happy July 4th anyway but know that it will never be as epic as the one going on in the US right now.

What Happens When an American Football Coach Starts Coaching Soccer?

Because soccer is the word of the day and everyone is all into the World Cup that’s going on right now I’m going to show you a funny video I ran across where an American football coach starts coaching an English club-soccer team. While I’m on this let’s talk. Soccer and football. I was trying …

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No Such World Should Ever Exist: Real Life the Role Playing Game

I’ve you’ve ever dreamed of a world where you carry a battle-axe and wear a clove of garlic around your next to protect you from hexes then you can be my friend. Also there is a good chance that you wouldn’t play a RPG in which you had to deal with scenes from your real …

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Bear Interupts Baseball Game: Zero Sh*ts are Given

When you’re playing baseball and a bear wanders up hoping to take a home run ball home with him how do you handle it? If you’re from Alaska, apparently you just keep playing. The other team keeps a bear at short stop, why shouldn’t you at least have one in the stands? The bear made …

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Questioning Their Motives: Thief Steals $18,000 Worth of Axe Shower Gel

Apparently the business of being a criminal in Indiana is becoming very highly specialized. We know that because recently a thief made off with a literal truckload of Axe shower gel. From this we can deduce that his resell market is a middle school. Junior High my dear Watson. Axe is taking the whole thing …

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World Takeover Continues: Robotic Gas Pump

For those of us who don’t live in Oregon and have to pump our own gas, isn’t it a pain? You have to find a gas station that you trust, where the prices won’t make you cry, and see that the truck isn’t there stirring up the silt in the tank. Then you have to …

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Heartwarming: Baby Deer Saved from Lake

What do you do when your walking through the forest and you hear a “very distinctive cry?” In all likelihood you probably turn and run for your life because there is a good chance the noise is coming from something that is hungry for your flesh. If you’re both brave and curious like Andy Wooten …

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