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Jul 30 2014

Would Drive to Work: New Israeli Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle

When the Zombie Apocalypse hits what vehicle do you want to be driving? I know, some people suggest a bicycle is the best way to go but those people will be zombies by the time the outbreak makes it to my town anyhow so I have zero shits to give about what they say anyhow. …

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May 13 2014

Want: Functioning Titan Sword

Once in a while you come across an idea that eats at you until you are finally able to carry it to fruition. I built a tiny cabinet out of yard sticks last weekend for example. The results were bad enough that I’ll either have to try the whole mess again or just give up. …

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May 08 2014

WHO Declares Global Emergency for Potential Polio Pandemic

I know, in all honesty you’re disappointed to hear that the Public Health Emergency of International Concern was declared over an existing disease. The last time this happened it was Swine Flu which was new and exciting and everyone you knew got sick. You were really hoping that next time it happened it would be …

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May 05 2014

A Boy, His Dog, and the Zombie Apocalypse

Who’s excited for the zombie apocalypse? I am. Just this weekend I spent some quality time honing my marksmanship and caloric intake skills. Since those are two of the most important skills to have for when the sh*t hits the fan I proclaim this a weekend well wasted. In most zombie apocalypse stories, the protagonist …

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Mar 27 2014

Doctors can Now Save Gunshot and Stabbing Victims by Placing them in Suspended Animation

Doctors at UPMC Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania are ready to try to save the lives of 10 gunshot and stabbing victims by placing them in suspended animation. Why they chose 10 victims is unclear. Sounds to me like they plan to go on a 10-person medical rampage but that seems unlikely. Maybe it’s just …

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Mar 25 2014

Do Not Want: Brain Beer for Zombies

In celebration of the season finale of The Walking Dead coming up this Sunday, the Dock Street Brewing Company came up with this beer that contains brains. Brraaaaaiiiinnss The brew, named Dock Street Walker, is an American Pale Stout made with wheat, oats, flaked barley, cranberry and smoked goat brains. This beer sounds just weird …

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Mar 10 2014

Badass Michonne Barbie will Murder Classic Barbie

Flickr user Peewee Parker created this custom-made Michonne doll from The Walking Dead. She looks like she’d sneak up on Barbie’s Dream House and take it as her own. All the blood on the walls would hurt the resale value but parking the convertible out front will attract a lot of buyers anyway. It’s about …

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Feb 21 2014

Going to a Party: Wear Your Own Face to the Masquerade Ball

This would be more of a How-To post except for two things. 1) It’s gross, and 2) I couldn’t do this if I tried. Here’s makeup artist Sandra Holmbom‘s work in creating a gory masquerade costume. It’s pretty impressive and something I would be excited to see at one of the Halloween parties I go …

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Feb 10 2014

Mark Your Calendar: Zombie Beavers are Coming

SO we all know that zombies are a thing right now and beavers have been a thing for about 300 years, so it’s about time that zombie beavers or Zombeavers became a thing too. Luckily for us there’s a new movie coming to a theater you’ve probably never been to that has zombie beavers. You’ll have …

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Nov 19 2013

Good to Know: How to Open a Can

Random fact time, did you know that tin cans have been around since at least 1772 but the can opener didn’t come about until 1855? Well, according to the Internets it’s true. So how did people back them get the food back out of the can that they sealed it in. I’ll bet a lot …

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