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Nov 07 2013

Title Goes Here: Fox News Website Reports Zombie Apacolypse

If you’re like me you believe every story reported on any news site on the Internet without question. To answer your next question, yes, you can consider Uncanny Flats a news site for the purposes of your life. Well on Tuesday Fox News’ US website declared that it was World Zombie Day by mistake. The …

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Oct 28 2013

Prepare Yourself for the Zombie Apocalypse with Zombie Watchdog

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing color, the weather’s getting cooler, baseball season is finally almost over, and the dead are rising from their graves to feast on the flesh of the living. Luckily some of u are preparing for the zombie apocalypse by stockpiling food, fuel, and weapons. The rest …

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Oct 24 2013

Internet Win: Daryl Dixon Riding a Squirrel into Battle

Larger version here. Every now and again the internet runs across an image that renders all your arguments invalid. It doesn’t matter what you are arguing about it has now become a moot point. Today’s image, Darryl Dixon riding a saber-toothed squirrel into battle against a horde of zombies while carrying the American flag and …

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Sep 23 2013

The Last Thing We Need: Nazi Zombies

Zombie Blitz 1940 is a new zombie themed video game. Only this time, instead of taking place in a mall or a flower garden like all the other zombie games you’ve played, this one takes place in 1940 Europe. In the time of WWII you and 14 compatriots try to find your way to safety …

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Sep 12 2013

Sign Me Up: College Teaching Zombie Survival Class

After several instances of Zombie/Human violence on the campus of my local university I was very relieved to find out that UC Irvine will be holding online classes in Zombie Apocalypse Survival. Being a college they tried to make the name of the class as boring as possible to dissuade people from actually taking it. …

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Aug 23 2013

The Snacking Dead: A Zombie Cookbook

If there were a couple of things I could talk about at length, I would do it. Unfortunately I don’t like to talk about any one thing for too long. It’s boring and if you keep your lips flapping the slender man will find you. Kind of like Beetlejuice does if you say his name …

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Aug 19 2013

Disney Princesses Gone Bad

Everyone loves Disney Princesses, and everyone loves seeing them portrayed in different ways. If you don’t love it you don’t get to be included in “Everyone.” And you should know everyone things you stink. This time artist Jeffery Thomas is showing up what princesses are like on this inside. Evil zombie-witch creatures from hell. Ok, …

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Aug 06 2013

Pop Culture for Grandmas

When is the last time you were talking to Grandma and you made some pop culture reference that she didn’t understand? If your answer is also the last time you talked to your grandma, then you need some training on how to talk to old folks. Ask your parents and remember that anything you find …

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Aug 01 2013

This is a First for Me: Zombie Unicorn

This is Dessicate, he was a unicorn, now he’s a zombie unicorn. That makes him pretty unique. Artist Janine Haq of Quequinox Art and DevianArt created him. Janine spends her time making different sculptures of horse-base creatures and selling them off in her Etsy store. The more I looked through her collection the more I …

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Jul 15 2013

Beware of Misleading Zombie Beer

3 Floyds’ brewing company out of Munster, Indiana has come out with a new beer called “Zombie Dust.” You might think that this means the beer contains the cremains of a destroyed zombie. If you think that you’d be wrong. You know what this beer does contain? Hops. Now I don’t claim to be a …

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