Chipmunks in Space, Or at Least Hanging Out with Star Wars Action Figures


When life gives you a backyard full or chipmunks and Star Wars action figures most people will make lemonade and watch the chipmunks in the back yard while playing with their action figures. But photographers aren’t most people. They’re the kind of people who want you to like their pages on Facebook and who keep sending you cards in the mail reminding you that you haven’t done a family photo in 6 years because you can’t stand the time it takes the photographer to get everyone situated just how they think is best even though you really don’t care so long as your face isn’t blocked out of the photo by some stupid cousin’s big hair.
That being said:
Artist Chris McVeigh set the scene in his parents’ yard. He staged some Star Wars vehicles – like the Millennium Falcon – and action figures just right and lured some critters in with treats. The result is a furry edition of the Star Wars films. The scenes are so much fun that I can only hope they’ll put chipmunks in the sequel trilogy.
Overall, I’m super impressed. I would not have the patience to wait for chipmunks to pose in the way I want them too. I’d end up posing a bunch of road-killed squirrels and calling it a day.
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