FQYB8O6HXY0HRI4.MEDIUMIf you’ve ever wondered why C is the only letter that gets its own clamp then you have far too much free time on your hands. If you’ve ever wondered what legal retributions came against the number 7 after seven eight nine then you have an entirely unique set of life issues. However I did hear that Sesame street will be doing a 2-hour special on just that case coming in the fall so I guess watch out for that.

Back to the story.

One Instructor and his dad decided it was time that the C clamp should be reunited with his 25 other friends. So they made a whole alphabet of clamps. Some are pretty useless, others are also pretty useless. But there is one that rises above its status as a lowly consonant and becomes a great shape for a clamp. That letter is, C. Oh wait….

Anyway. The project is silly and there’s a humorous video to go with it. But the kid does a great job of staying serious throughout. So I’m deeming it worth your time to have a look.

Hit the jump for the video.