Cleverly Done: Subway Hair-Product Ad

Sweden-Ad.jpgHere’s a pretty clever ad for hair products by Apotek Hjärtat that they’re calling “Blowing in The Wind.” The idea is a video ad of a lady who must have been using their products having her hair blown in the wind of a passing train. Yes, that would be pretty boring and commonplace if it weren’t for the fact that the billboard watches for the train to time the video perfectly.

So when the train goes by the wind blows the model’s hair around. Surprisingly she seems very okay with this unlike how any lady in real life would act.

I wish this kind of thought and technology was available in the early 90’s. It would have been hilarious to see the train drive by and the lady’s hair remain stiff as a board from the hair spray. Of course, that would be pretty easy to do, you’d only need a poster for that. So maybe advertisers knew what was up back then too. Well played.

Hit the jump for the video.

Apotek Hjärtat – Blowing in The Wind from Ourwork on Vimeo.