May 13 2013

Add A Little Spiff To Your Coinage

Because money isn’t already tacky enough as it is, here are some coins that prove just how much we should stop screwing around with our monetary representations.



Seriously though. You look at paper money these days and a word to describe could very well be ‘tie-dye’. Now we’re moving on from the paper to the coin. I always thought the coins with the little hole in the middle of it was weird. But alas, how far we have come to up the stakes in this game of making crappy looking money.  Not that I am passionate about how our money looks though; I’m just observing. I don’t care what the shape is, so long as I can still make them in my basement. Some of the shapes look a little dangerous to me, and other ones look like those dumb magnets that old people stick on their fridges to show everyone all the boring places they have driven through in their over-sized living room on wheels.  As always, hit the jump to see the pictures of the other oddly shaped pieces of money. Have fun sticking some of these in a vending machine. 

I will give my interpretation of each of these coins now:


Microsoft Windows




Illuminati National Bank



Fridge Magnet #1



Valentines Day: Two Birds With One Stone



Fridge Magnet #2



Totally Getting Thrown Like A Chinese Throwing Star



Gonna Mistake This For My Contact Lens



Actually, I’m Ok With This One



Box of Chocolates



Fridge Magnet #3


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