Apr 24 2014

Color me Impressed: Star Wars art Made from Staples

1.-The-SideBecause uniqueness in art is getting to be rare artists are turning to a uniqueness in media. For example, artist James Haggerty uses staples. Tens of thousands of staples.

The results? A heck of a lot better than I would have the patience to do. I get frustrated when the staple bends when I try to punch through one 17 page bundle. Just think of the frustration that must amount when you are making a C-3PO out of 33,580 staples. Even if only staple only bent every now and then. That still amounts to a lot.

I wonder what kind of stapler it is. Think it’s a red Swingline? I hope so. Maybe it’s one of those high-powered staplers like my computer teacher had. We would stand at the front of the room and stick staples into monitors at the back of the room.

Hit the jump for more.

2.Detail-of-Helmet-The-Side 3.-Limbo 4.-Detail-Eye-Limbo 5.-Did-You-Hear-That 6.-Birds-Eye-View-of-Eye

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