Complaining Mother Ask for an Access Ramp, Gets What’s Coming to Her



A mother in the UK has spent two years campaigning and complaining to get better access to her home for her disabled 7-year-old daughter who is wheelchair-bound. I’m not sure how things usually work in England when you complain for two years but I hope the outcomes are usually like this.

“The council” installed a ten-level ramp that takes up the majority of the front yard. I’m not sure who “the council” is but they just spent more that $65,000 installing the ram on the house that they gave to the family. Seems to me that this complaining mother is getting everything she could ever want.

But after two years of complaining, why stop now? Now she’s mad that the ramp is an eyesore and local skateboarders are doing what skateboarders do best, they’re taking over private property and skating on her ramp. I think if I was part of this omnipotent council I would take the ramp away and just pave a ramp into the three flights of stairs that were there before. Then you’d attract street-lugers, and God knows you don’t want that crowd hanging around your impressionable daughters.

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