May 30 2014

Crapping Down Both Legs: Glass Floor of 103rd Floor Observation Deck Cracks

CracksOn the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower in Chicago there are a group of 4 observation boxes called skydecks. These skydecks are made entirely of glass and they stick out of the building over nothing but a 1300 foot drop. Luckily that glass is safe an unbreakable according to Willis Tower staff. At least I’m sure that’s what they thought until one of the panes broke on Wednesday.

Alejandro Garibay of California described his unforgettable moment inside one of the four glass enclosures at Willis Tower known as The Ledge. They are designed, under normal circumstances, to give thrill-seeking tourists the rush of hovering 1,353 feet above the city.

The family bolted off The Ledge, he said, fearing for their lives. But Willis Tower spokesman Bill Utter said the cracking they felt was simply a scratch-resistant layer on the glass “doing what it’s designed to.” It did not affect the structural integrity of the box, he said.

Occasionally this happens, but that’s because we designed it this way,” Utter said.

So you know what they did about it? They put down a rug to hide the crack. You’d be hard pressed to get me into one of those boxes to begin with. Now you can pretty much guarantee that it will never happen. That would be my luck wouldn’t it? Go all the way to Chicago, wait hours to get into a glass box and then plunge to my death.

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