Jun 04 2014

Crazy Time of Year: Toe-Wrestling and Shin-Kicking

shinkickingIt’s that time of year again. The snow is melted, the rain is letting up somewhat, and crazy is in the air. That crazy will get to you if you don’t watch it. When crazy gets out of hand you end up with insane sports competitions like shin-kicking and toe-wrestling.

The world toe wrestling championships kicked off in a Derbyshire pub this weekend, while the Cotswold Olympicks shin-kicking contest took place.

Based on the better-known sport of arm wrestling, toe wrestling sees competitors use their feet and toes to overpower their opponent.

Meanwhile in Dover’s Hill the 402nd Cotswold Olimpicks once again held the brutal world shin kicking championships.

Neither sport sounds like anything I would like to participate in. But if you showed that stuff on ESPN 8 “The Ocho” I’d watch the crap out of it.

Hit the jump for a video.

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