Cute and Awful: Magician Disappears Treats from Under Dogs’ Noses

dogWhat’s the best way to teach your best friends not to trust you? For guys and dogs the answer is the same. Either steal his lady or his food.

Here’s a video of magician Jose Ahonen showing dogs a nice treat that he intends to share with them and then as soon as he opens his hands to let them have it, poof, it’s gone. Except for one time when you see it dangling from a rubber band tied to his elbow. But the dog still doesn’t see it so the trick still works.

Probably a good thing that my dogs weren’t in this group. They tend to not wait until you open you hand to go in for their treat. I’m sure that at least to of the three would go straight for the jugular as soon as you opened your hands and their treat was gone.

Hit the jump for the video.