May 15 2014

Cute but Deadly: Panda Dogs

n-PANDA-DOGS-large570Pet shop owner Hsin Ch’en has taken to dying his Chow puppies to look like giant pandas. As expected he can not keep up with the demand for his false-colored puppies.

“There are no chemicals or cruelty involved,” Ch’en said. “But the price of the dog does rise significantly because of the amount of grooming that goes into it. People don’t mind paying the extra though – they like the fact that heads turn in the street and they can tell their friends: ‘I have a panda dog'”.

I have a couple of problems with this.
1 Chows can be mean, so I don’t know why people buy them. They were bred to rip out people’s throats. Of course that may be kind of fitting in this situations because,
2. Pandas are bears. Yes the are pretty much the cutest things i the world but that won’t stop them from eating you. So I don’t know quite what people see in the.
3. Finally, how long does the color last. It’s going to be pretty disappointing when after one was you’re back to a boring, grey Chow. Maybe the purchase price comes with a lifetime groom and dye guarantee. Somehow I doubt it.

Hit the jump for more shots.

o-PANDA-DOGS-570 o-PANDA-DOGS-5701 o-PANDA-DOGS-5702 o-PANDA-DOGS-5703Thanks to Jeff who is currently working on a system to dye cats to look like pandas. Then he’ll sell them as a new breed of guinea pig just to confuse people.

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