Mar 04 2014

Cuteness Competition: Grand National “Bunny Show”

bunnyWhat are you doing right now? Would you like to see a bunny show? Don’t lie to me you know you would. I mean, bunnies.

The Rabbit Grand National, a bunny show, was recently held in Yorkshire, England. It has just about everything you could ever want in a rabbit-based competition. Running, jumping, leashes, trophies, cages, and probably a concessions stand somewhere in the back.

I was amazed to see these well-trained rabbits run the show jumping course. I’ve seen bunnies run and jump to escape my attempts to capture them but if you told me before I watched this video that you would ever train a rabbit to walk on a leash or win me trophies, I’d have turned you over to the men in the white suits.

Watch for me at next year’s competition. I’ll be the male competitor with the morbidly obese rabbit. Want another carrot cake? Who can say no to that face?

Hit the jump for the video.

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