Demon Motorcycle Enslaves China

GHOUL_MOTORBIKE_2938163aLet’s see who that title draws in.

I don’t think this bike has actually enslaved anyone, yet, but t has gained a following of thousands of cats and red-headed children. I’m not really sure what all that means, I just report what the voice in my head tell me to. “Are you psychotic?” I don’t think so, he’s just a harmless narrator with a forceful passion for fire.

Gong Yulong, a graduate major in sculpture at an art college in Chongqing, has adorned a motorbike with a skull, chains and fully functioning, bat-like wings.

Who knew that you could get a degree in sculpture design. I just can’t imagine there’s a lot of jobs in that field. Unless you can get a position as a sculpture critic. I could really go for one of those positions. I would be both benevolent and wrathful. I would shame bad art into ashes and praise good art with my catch phrase, “Good art is good.”

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