Aug 14 2013

Disney Characters as Pokemon Trainers

jasmine+pidgeyWhen you’re sitting on your bedroom floor shuffling your Pokemon cards watching your weekly Disney princess marathon have you ever daydreamed of your two loves being combined into one. Snorlax + Sleeping Beauty = Snoring Beauty. Okay, so maybe combining them in that manner won’t work but you can set the princesses on the monsters as trainers.

That’s exactly what Deviantartist Kuitsuku did. She’s taken a group of Disney princesses and matched them up with their favorite Pokemon. It’s easy to tell which ones she likes best by seeing what monsters she gives them. Or maybe she only drew the ones to which she had matching colored crayons. That’s how I do it.

‘It was a bright sunny day.’ I don’t have blue or yellow. ‘It was a dark starless night. The leading car’s taillights…’ Nope, no red. ‘Fine. The streetlight changed to green and…’ No green either. ‘Well f*** me! What color do you have?’ Black. ‘Great. The blind man walked into the street on a bright, sunny, cloudless day and was hit by a green car with blue polka dots and whitewall tires. You’re the blind man.’ Geez, touchy.

Hit the jump for more Disneymon.

vanellope+jigglypuff tiana+politoad merida+teddiursa beauty_and_the___um____by_kuitsuku-d4l38ql ariel+magikarp hakuna___matata__by_kuitsuku-d4sjpfl ohana_means_family_by_kuitsuku-d47ml3w

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