Disney Princesses Brought to Life

disney2Of, so the title sounds like we should be looking at undead or zombie princesses here, sorry to disappoint. But I’m sure they’re out there and as soon as I find them they will have their own post.

Photographer Ryan Astamendi along with the help of some models and costume designers, everyone seems to forget them, how hard is it to take a picture? Seriously, I have a camera, does that make me a photographer? “Yes, but you’re not a professional until you get paid to take pictures.” I could get paid, I just don’t want to. “What kind of argument is that, who doesn’t want to get paid?” Altruistic people. “You’re not altruistic.” Sure I am, I had to make a New Years Resolution to learn to say no.

Go ahead and categorize these photos as cosplay, because they don’t fit in any other category. Just don’t put it in the Disney folder because Astamendi also threw in Jessica Rabbit to screw things up in your organization method.

Hit the jump for the rest of the set.

snow-white rapunzel Pocahontas Belle Aurora Jessica-Rabbit