Disney Princesses Dressed as Their Male Counterparts

disney_outfit_swap_1__aurora___counterpart_by_zenith_nadir69-d6tup0mYou know me man, I love corn dogs and Disney Princesses dresses up as other stuff. Well I like them plenty when they’re dressed as themselves but that get’s old. some of these ladies have been around for like 80 years, there’s got to be some changes every now and then.

Artists put Disney princesses through more than their fair share of wardrobe changes, but it’s always fun to see what they come up with. Ogo has a series of female Disney characters dressed like men from their films.

Rest assured that this is a different set of images from the last time you saw the Disney princesses swapping wardrobes with their princes. Kind of the same idea though, but this time you’ve got Belle in Gaston’s clothing and Tinkerbell dressed up as Peter Pan. You know what the guys are now wearing whose clothes they took? That’s right, their backup set of clothing. I don’t know what you expected.

Hit the jump for the rest of the set.

disney_outfit_swap_8__cinderella___counterpart_by_zenith_nadir69-d7lpyb0 disney_outfit_swap_7__ariel___counterpart_by_zenith_nadir69-d7l6hyz disney_outfit_swap_6__tinkerbell___homie_by_zenith_nadir69-d7l3xzb disney_outfit_swap_5__pocahontas___counterpart_by_zenith_nadir69-d6yt4kn disney_outfit_swap_4__snow_white___counterpart_by_zenith_nadir69-d6x0s8i disney_outfit_swap_3__megara___counterpart_by_zenith_nadir69-d6xpvz2 disney_outfit_swap_2__belle___nemisis_by_zenith_nadir69-d6xn1rw

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  1. Tinkerbell as pan. Damnnn

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