Do Not Want: Ron Jeremy Version of Wrecking Ball

JeremySo you’ve probably seen the original version of the Wrecking Ball music video with Miley Cyrus swinging around. And you may have seen other parodies of it too. But here’s one I’ll bet you haven’t seen, as long as you’re not one of the two and a half million people who have already seen the video on youtube.

This is what you’ve secretly been fearing ever since you heard about the original video. Ron Jeremy singing Wrecking Ball and acting out the video. If you’re worried that this video is NSFW you should know that it’s not safe for home either. Not that Little Ron makes an appearance but you will be scarred for life nonetheless.

But if you’re looking for a laugh, like a shoot soda out of your nose laugh link one of your friends to this without telling them what it is. Maybe this can be one of those videos where the filmed reactions to watching the video becomes a meme.

Hit the jump for the video.