Do Not Want: Teen Falls into a Coma After a “Friend” Squeezes his Nuts

nutsBoys will be boys right? Wrong. It is never okay to touch another man’s junk, unless you are a licensed practicing physician and you are checking for a hernia. Now, turn your head and cough.

The 17-year-old, who is from Artane in Dublin, suffered cardiac arrest while joking around with other youths.

He passed out after the incident which happened during his lunch-break on Thursday.

A source close to the family revealed they hope there is no permanent damage.

The source added it wasn’t a savage attack and wasn’t malicious.

A school teacher and one of the youths performed CPR at the scene before the emergency services came which could have saved the teen’s life.

He was in an induced coma and hasn’t woken up yet.

The suspicion is that the sudden release of adrenaline that would come from getting nutted could potentially cause a heart attack. I’m thinking the embarrassment was just overwhelming and that did it. Either way, I’m pulling for you kid. But not pulling on you, I’m better than your friends.