Do Not Want: What is Tim Burton Made Frozen

frozen1Can you think of anything creepier than a Disney movie that was created by Tim Burton? What is that movie was Frozen? Frozen, which is way creepier than you realized now that you think of it. Yeah it’s a recluse lady that runs off to live by herself in a castle covered in spikes and razor blades, she dresses herself in ice and it completely okay with it. And the comedy relief is a masochistic snowman who want’s nothing more than to be warm where e would inevitably melt. Yeah, you’re seeing it now.

Twitter-er and artist Yoko created a set of images from Frozen as seen through the eyes of Tim Burton. Gotta say, she pretty much nails it. I can’t see kids lining up to go to sing-along versions of this one. Of course I still can sing the songs from Nightmare Before Christmas so maybe I’m wrong. It’s happened before.

I think it’s the big eyes and that rampant malnutrition that bugs me more than anything here. People just aren’t meant to be the same proportions of a Blow Pop.

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