Mar 20 2014

Donors Wanted: New App is Looking for “Voice Donors”

Vocalid_logo21The company VocaliD has a unique business. They build voices for people who have lost theirs. That’s usually due to things like stroke, cancer, or cerebral palsy, but I imagine they would have helped out Ariel from the Little Mermaid if they’d have been around when Ursula stole her voice.

VocaliD records the voices of participants and breaks down those recordings into tiny bits that it then reconstructs into new voices for their clients. Think of it as the same kind of deal that Stephen Hawking uses, but you don’t end up sounding like a robot. They try to match the person’s original voice as much as possible.

Right now the company is working on an iPhone app for people to record themselves and send in those recordings without having to come into the studio. This will allow them to more easily gather voices of people from all around the world. I would be happy to volunteer my time and voice to this cause, I’ve been complimented several times for having a good “radio voice.” Problem is, I’m not an iSheep, so I won’t be downloading their app until it comes out on Android.

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