Epic for its Badness: Tan Mom makes a music video.


Just when you thought we were free of her, Tan Mom comes out with a music video. Not just any music video either, the worst music video in the history of music and videos. Video should be released early from its prison sentence after killing the radio star just to kill this video and it’s makers. That’s something we can all be okay with.

Now I’m going to give yo the video after the jump so you don’t have to go looking for it. But please, PLEASE, don’t watch it unless you have lost your will to live. Or if you do it on a dare, can’t back out on a dare. Now you can’t say I didn’t warn you because I did, my high priced lawyers that I don’t have and my overpriced friend that I do have agree.

Also, this video is an affront to the whole idiot-moron community. It gives the rest of them a bad name.

Jump, if you dare.

Maybe if we ignore her she will go away. Or she might come back bigger than last time like happened this time after being ignored for a month.